The reason I started coding was because I had a desire to make a difference in the world. You have to start somewhere, so that's why I built this site to try and help the elderly a little bit more. Elderly people can sign up and post tasks that they need help with. Then people with spare time can sign up as volunteers to help the elderly in need. Ruby on Rails was used as a back end API in order to store all of the user info and tasks. Front end functionality and DOM manipulation was done with React. Authentication and authorization functionality was built with a combination of JWT, state, and local storage. Styling was achieved with CSS and Material UI.


This fun little site was built to mimic a beat pad. You have different categories of sound to choose from to start recording your own beat. Each beat you create is then saved on to your profile so you can come back and listen to it whenever you want. Users profile and beats were stored in the back end which was built with Ruby on Rails. JavaScript was used to build the front end and functionality of the beat pad. The side menu and beat pad were made with a combination of Bootstrap and CSS.


This is my second project called Tyrants! It's basically a website where you can create a profile and create fictional tyrants so other users can rate them. Ruby on Rails and SQL were used as a back end in order to save users' data and tyrants info. The front end was built with a combination of HTML and CSS. Bitcrypt and a combination of session storage were used to authenticate users trying to log in and confine people who are not logged in to the home page.

The Journey

This is my very first coding project. After 2 short weeks of attending Flatiron, I was able to build this simple CLI based choose your own adventure game where one wrong decision can land you in a Game Over screen. For this project, I utilized Ruby to build many if and else statements in order to progress the story, and a gem called tty-prompt in order for you to choose a path. SQL was used to store all of the data which included the available choices and outcomes.